Fabrique by Dal-Tile

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Fabrique combines the detail of fine fabrics with porcelain flooring that creates an atmosphere as rich and intricate as handcrafted linen. Taking cues from different textures and colors, the Fabrique collection draws inspiration from the way fabric moves and allows you to bring a delicate elegance to any space.

Color: Gris Linen 12X24
  • Blanc Linen 12X24
  • Blanc Linen 24X24
  • Blanc Linen 2X2
  • Brun Linen 12X12
  • Brun Linen 12X24
  • Brun Linen 24X24
  • Brun Linen 2X2
  • Creme Linen 12X12
  • Creme Linen 12X24
  • Creme Linen 24X24
  • Creme Linen 2X2
  • Creme Linen 4X24
  • Gris Linen 12X12
  • Gris Linen 12X24
  • Gris Linen 24X24
  • Gris Linen 2X2
  • Noir Linen 12X12
  • Noir Linen 12X24
  • Noir Linen 24X24
  • Noir Linen 2X2
  • Soleil Linen 12X12
  • Soleil Linen 12X24
  • Soleil Linen 24X24
  • Soleil Linen 2X2
Available Size: 12" X 24"
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Product Line
Gris Linen 12X24
12" X 24"
Field Tile

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